VCD – Information

VCDs look exactly like a CD or CD-ROM except that it stores video/audio clips using the compressed and standardized MPEG 1. The quality is not always as good as VHS but you make up for it in cost as the VCD’s are about half the price. Almost any computer can play VCDs. You need a basic pentium PC (minimum pentium 166), a 20xCD-ROM drive, a video card – 32MB or more and a MPEG decoder.

There are two popular MPEG decoders: Xing MPEG from Xing Technology and Active Movie from Microsoft. You can try out Xing’s by downloading it from WWW.XINGTECH.COM. This software is highly recommended to play VCDs. If you are running a windows NT/95/98 machine you’d probably have the media player as a plug-in in Internet Explorer.

You can also play your VCD on most DVD players. However not all DVD players will play VCD’s – this is not the fault of the VCD but the compatibility of the DVD player.

For Apple Macintosh users, you need Quicktime, to play your VCD.