Martial Art Weapons

We offer the finest selection of Martial Arts Weapons available. You name it, we’ve got it. From silent, stealthy ninja darts to big, bold swords we have what you need regardless of your particular martial art. While weapons vary greatly in size and shape one thing remains consistent – quality. These weapons are made to last and provide you with what you’re searching for. We think you’ll have fun discovering new and amazing weapons.

Ninja Warrior Knife
Ninja Warrior Knife is the ultimate Ninja Survival Knife. This knife measur…

Shuko Ninja Hand Claws
Ninja Shuko Hand Claws are to designed to be a deadly weapon as well as ass…

Ashiko Ninja Foot Spikes
Ashiko Ninja Foot Spikes may be used in conjunction with the Ninja Shuko Ha…

Ninja Caltrops
Ninja Caltrops feature 4 Point Caltrops (tetsubishi) – when thrown, one poi…

Ninja Grappling Hook
33′ heavy-duty, nylon rope included. The Ninja Grappling Hook was designed …

Ninja Kunai Knives
Ninja Kunai Knives are the ultimate travel size throwing knives. They measu…

3 Throwing Spikes Set
Ninja Throwing Spikes comes in a 3 Spike Set with tassels measure 5 1/2″ lo…

5 Throwing Spikes Set
Ninja Throwing Spikes comes in a 5 Spike Set with tassels measure 5 1/2″ lo…

Ninja Kusari Fundo
Ninja Kusari Fundo is also known as a Weight and Chain. This Ninja weapon w…

Manrikigusari Weight and Chain
Manrikigusari measures 36″ overall with spikes that measure 4 7/8″. This s…

Traditional Ninja Naginata
Traditional Ninja Naginata is a full length Naginata Sword which features a…

Ninja Fighting Fan
Ninja Fighting Fan has nylon taffeta cloth and stainless steel ribs. Each …

Ninja Kubotan Keychain
The Ninja Kubotan Keychain is a great personal self-defense weapon. Simply…

Ninja Tactical Folder Knife
Introducing the Tactical Ninja Knife from Hero Edge Blades. This new foldin…

Traditional Ninja Sword
This Authentic Traditional Ninja Sword features 440 stainless steel, 34″ lo…

Ninja Dark Knight Sword
Dark Knight Ninja Sword measures 28″ overall. Black ti-treated full tang n…

Shinobi Bladerunner
The Shinobi Bladerunner is 40″ overall with a 26 1/2 blade. Hidden 6 1/4″ …

Ninja Dragon Sword
Ninja Dragon Sword features a 34 in. blade. Engraved dragon and blood groo…

Havoc Throwing Star
Havoc Chinese Throwing Star is made of high quality 1/8 inch stainless ste…

X-Men Throwing Star
X-Men Throwing Star. 360 Degrees sharp so this ninja star can’t miss its t…

Throwing Star Target Board
Throwing Star Target Board is perfect to use with throwing stars, darts or…

Blowgun Target Darts
Blowgun Target Darts comes in a package of 100 Blow Gun Target Darts come i…

Blowgun Spearhead Darts
Blowgun Spearhead Darts come in a package of 100 in a variety of colors….

Blowgun Broadhead Darts
Blowgun Broadhead Darts come in a package of 100 in a variety of colors….

Master Samurai Katana Sword
The Master Samurai Sword is 44″ overall and sports an extra long handle mea…

Traditional Leather Samurai Sword
Traditional Leather Samurai Sword features a black aluminum leather braided…

The Samurai Jintachi sword feature a 440 stainless steel blade with a lacqu…

Odachi Long Samurai Sword
The Odachi Sword is a long Samurai Katana blade which features a 50 inch bl…

Shirasaya Swords
The Shirasaya Swords have a 440 stainless steel, sharp blade. Scabbards a…

1st Generation Dragon Samurai Swords
1st Generation Dragon Samurai Swords are 45″ overall and have a lacquered