Escrima and Batons

There’s a reason why we’re America’s #1 Martial Art’s store. It’s because we have it all, including an array of Escrima Sticks, Tonfa, and Batons! Our original escrima are lightweight and durable – perfect for combat situations. If you’re still in training, perhaps you’ll be interested in our training and sparring sticks which make learning much safer. We also stock carrying cases for when you’re on the road. So feel free to browse our collection and find the perfect fit for you.

From foam covered Tonfa to steel Batons, we’ve got it covered. These items are designed to surprise. Our Ninja Baton is actually three weapons in one, while our Automatic Baton is small enough to fit in your pocket when closed. If you’re in search of a Tonfa, there are both harder and softer options available according to your level and requirements.

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